Realised in the framework of the exhibition &wichtime at the galerie of the l’école des Beaux-Arts, dans le cadre des Ateliers de Rennes - Biennale d’art contemporain (FR)

Departure from work. Walk in the street: a hundred and forty-three paces. Come in the store. Walk into the store: five paces. Research and identification of the instantaneous radius. Walk to the shelf: seven paces Choice of sandwich: filling fifty-one percent of which forty seven percent of ham and seventeen percent of emmental in whole bread forty nine percent for a total weight of one hundred and sixty five grams. Walk into the store: ten paces Purchase of the sandwich: one euro fifty-five. Exit the store. Search and identification of a bench: instantaneous. Walk in the street: eighteen paces Installation on the bench. Opening of the package. Tasting of the first sandwich: ten mouthfuls. Tasting of the second sandwich: twelve mouthfuls. Research and identification of a garbage can: instantaneous. Walk in the street: forty-nine paces. Throw the packing. Walk in the street: ninety-four paces. Back to work. Total time of action: ten minutes, forty-seven seconds and twenty-eight hundredths. Returning from hunger: two hours, forty five minutes, thirty five seconds and seventy-nine hundredths after the action.


Digital prints
29,7 x 21 cm, 2008