ACC Weimar
Halle 14 Leipzig
Galerie melanie Rio

Cécile Beau, Pauline Ciquier, Françoise Lécuiller, Julien Gainche, Aurélie Mourier, Camille Planeix


Graphite on paper,
60 x 65 cm, 2012

DE EFFICACITATIS VICTORIA (The Triumph of Efficiency) is a drawing representing a triumphant procession: a main allegory on a cart is surrounded by six secondary allegories.  Far from the Humanist culture that influenced the scene, the allegory was inspired by an energy drink advertisement, in which efficiency was elevated to first value of our contemporary life and the contemporary man described through six archetypal portraits. The drawing is freely inspired by Maarten Van Heemskerck’s work (1498-1576), while the bodies and the positions are based on contemporary caricatural aesthetic criteria.